Counterman v. Colorado

The thousands of unstable messages sent to me were life threatening and life altering. I was terrified that I was being followed and could be hurt at any moment; I had no choice but to step back from my dream, a music career that I had worked very hard to build. I am grateful that when I reported these alarming messages, they were taken seriously, and many folks in law enforcement and the criminal justice system did everything they could to protect me.

I’m disappointed that the Supreme Court’s decision has minimized the harm that stalking and threatening messages cause to victims and their families. Nonetheless, I hope the standard the Supreme Court established can be used in ways that allow for the protection of victims across the country. If you are afraid, please trust yourself and reach out for help. The Court’s decision does not mean that victims must stand alone.

If you want to know more about my experience, read the brief I submitted to the United States Supreme Court